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November 24, 2017

Lifetime Membership


For the superhero. The man. The woman. The one committed to lifelong health. Health with quality full meals. Health with simple, non-exhausting, and muscle-toning daily workouts. The Ocinator Lifetime Membership offers huge savings for those that commit to the Ocinator lifestyle. More details


Ocinator is 20-minutes per day of intelligent, efficient, and easy-to-do exercise sessions. This is not a program that will “kill you.” Ocinator is designed to build you, to improve your looks, posture, and quality of life, for years to come. We are confident that you will stick to the program and will continue on it.

Ocinator’s eating program is not a diet; it is a simple and straightforward food guide that lists the foods you can eat at home, fancy restaurants, or even the largest fast-food chains. Ocinator lays out what to eat and what to stay away from. Simple.

Included with the Lifetime Membership Plan:

  • Online access to each day’s 20-Minute Ocinator Workout
  • Online access to the Ocinator Food Guide
  • Exclusive access to the personal email of Ocinator’s creator for questions
  • Exclusive access to the personal email of Ocinator’s creator for coaching
  • Exclusive messages and tips to maximize your results