Workout For Women: Who Are You Working Out For?

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November 4, 2019
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Workout For Women: Who Are You Working Out For?

Before beginning a workout routine, setting your workout goal(s) is key. Then after setting your goals, you can tackle them in the smartest way possible. When setting goals, keep in mind who you intend to work out for. Is it for just for yourself? Or for yourself and someone else? Of course, working out helps the body feel better. Right now, the focus is on how you want your body to look.

Getting “huge”:

If you are working out only for yourself, you might set your sights on becoming “huge.” Getting as much muscle mass as possible.

Getting an attractive body:

If you are working out for others, you could might want to get the most attractive body possible. This is the case for married people and single people looking for a relationship. Right now, the most popular look for women is an athletic, lean body. Toned muscles, not large and bulky muscles.

Of course, there are exceptions. There are a few men that are attracted to muscular women. But, think about the women that most men find attractive. The actresses in big movies. The swimsuit models. These women are toned and athletic, but not “muscular.” Men hardly ever mention being attracted to muscular women.

How to get an attractive body:

A workout for women focused on getting an athletic and lean attractive body need not be painful. Workouts should focus on toning muscles. And lifting lots of weight and going on the treadmill are not necessary for toned muscles. If your goal is getting a popularly attractive body, you might not even sweat after an efficient workout.

Many women think that exercise should focus on burning calories. But, that’s not the case. You can lose fat most effectively by eating healthily. That means getting full with lots of healthy food. Not going on juice cleanses and starving yourself.

Exhausting cardio is often a waste of time for losing weight. You spend too much time and energy. And by the end of your cardio session, you’ll probably want to reward yourself with junk food. The best workout for women is simple. It is only 20 minutes each day. And it will help you maintain an amazing body for years. It is Ocinator. Buy an Ocinator Subscription/Membership today.