Ocinator is a smart, effective, and doable fitness and nutrition program. Ocinator shows you how to perform exercises that imitate real life movements and stimulate muscle groups in a systematic way.

Ocinator is simple. Just play the 20-minute daily workout video, follow the visual instructions for the workout routine, and, if you like, play your favorite music while watching and following the video.

What’s amazing is how Ocinator was created and why it is more effective than other workout programs.

Ocinator was designed to make maintaining an amazing body simple. We found that busy people need a program designed to tone their muscles, not exhaust their bodies.

20 minutes per day of intelligent, efficient and regular sessions: That is Ocinator! This is not a program that will “kill you.” This is a program that will build you, improve your looks, posture, health, and quality of life for years to come.

You will be trained by an expert that acquired design thinking, product development, engineering, sports medicine and nutrition knowledge at Stanford University. The Ocinator Program utilizes efficient training methods to get results.

You will only need one piece of gravity-defying and muscle stimulating equipment that is so simple, you can assemble it at home.

How else is Ocinator different? Click here to read how Ocinator was created.

More pain or sweat does not necessarily equal better results. Avoid the pain. Work out intelligently, efficiently, and regularly to get toned muscles. You’ll feel confidently fit, inside and out.  Fit is in.  Get in with Ocinator and improve your life now!

Anyone and everyone. Especially those of us who prefer to exercise when it’s convenient for us, where we feel comfortable, and in a way, we can actually accomplish the program for an extended period of time.

If you are ready to feel and look amazing, if you are ready to gain strength, stamina, feel happier, quicker, flexible, and confident… you are in the right place.  Ocinator is for you.

Ocinator seeks to give you doable, daily, quality exercise time. When you also start noticing improvements in your positivity, stress management, energy level, and of course… fitness, you won’t look back! You will feel the sense of accomplishment you probably have not experienced with any other exercise attempt. The idea is for you to enjoy this time of movement so that it’s part of your life and your body receives the exercise it needs!

Ease into performing doable movements that are enjoyable for 20 minutes, any time of the day you choose. Just because you are not in pain, doesn’t mean your body isn’t benefitting from each purposeful exercise.

As you progress from a modified exercise to an advanced form, or increase weight, you may feel an unfamiliar muscle in your body the next day. This is probably because you have never/rarely used that muscle before.

Enjoy the benefits of not only looking more fit, but also being more fit; everyday tasks, like carrying children or grocery bags, will become more doable over time.

Ocinator is easier and more effective than other workout programs.

Gyms have static, old-school machines, rigid bars, and weights that isolate one muscle group at a time. Some of these machines were designed in the 1970’s and don’t imitate real-life movements. Your brain will stop you from going back to the gym very quickly. Why? because it is painful and will hurt you.

At the gym, you often use equipment with sweat and grease from the previous guy on the bench, pay exorbitant membership fees, and waste time in commuting to and from the gym.

A recent study even found that gyms harbor more germs than a toilet seat.

Try Ocinator for a couple of weeks and you tell us!  Before you know it, you will have achieved 6 weeks of Ocinator and more! The time you set to follow and perform Ocinator’s daily 20-minute workout is a time of the day to look forward to. A majority of users report that, after performing the workout, they feel more energized than they were before the workout. Ocinator is doable, and meant to help you to maintain fitness results for a lifetime.

Currently available workout programs often feature “fitness gurus” that spend 5 to 6 hours a day working out and have been doing it for 10, 20, 30 years. They want to tell you that you can look like them with short term goals and programs that they did not use to get fit. We know what you get with short term goals: short term results.

Ocinator’s eating program is created for busy and working people. Ocinator’s eating program is not a diet; it is a simple and straightforward program that lists the foods you can eat at home, fancy restaurants, or even the largest fast-food chains. We lay out what foods are best to eat and things to stay away from. Simple!

Ocinator believes that “going on a diet” is a flawed mentality.

No! High intensity workouts are cruel and dangerous. Very little research is available to prove the benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT) programs. So far, these programs have been known to cause knee, back, and neck injuries and unnecessary pain.

The Ocinator eating program is created for the busy people. Most of us don’t have 3-4 hours a day to prepare meals and snacks, and count calories, as many of the other programs recommend. Trying to follow one of those unrealistic and limiting diets, in many cases, sets you up for failure and frustration.

Ocinator’s eating program is not a diet; it is a simple and straightforward food guide that lists the foods you can eat at home, fancy restaurants, or even the largest fast-food chains.  Ocinator lays out what to eat and what to stay away from. Simple.

You will not feel hungry and your brain will love it; with the Ocinator eating program, eating to get full is a given. You will see long lasting results by training your digestive system in a systematic and consistent way. Your body will learn how to ask you for the foods you need to succeed.

All your body may need is a 20-minute block of exercise time 5-6 days a week. For increased results, you can do extra movements throughout the day (we’ll show you which ones), or repeat the daily 20-minute workout.

Any clothes you can move in comfortably are fine. You don’t need to work up a sweat to get results, so even your work clothes before lunch or at a break in your day can work.

No need to spend money on expensive weight equipment. We’ll show you how to acquire your own weight equipment for about $20.

Pretty much anywhere you feel comfortable, can fit an exercise mat, and can access the internet! Ocinator instructions are visual, so you don’t even need earphones. If you like music or something else to listen to while you go through the motions, feel free to choose what you like! Otherwise, you may even use this time for peaceful prayer and meditation.

Yes. Ocinator exercises are relatively simple to perform. Ocinator exercises can range from easy, if you choose a light weight, to challenging, if you choose a heavier weight. Also, we demonstrate beginner and advanced versions for some of our exercises.

You are the expert about you, so being in tune with the capabilities and limits of different parts of your body, will help you determine how much weight, if any, to use. You won’t be restricted to hard equipment, uncomfortable dumbbells, or location inconveniences.

We also provide tips on how to expedite results. For example, if you really want a six pack, we’ll give you tips on how to get faster, more defined results.

Nutrition is vital to the effectiveness of Ocinator exercise. The more days and weeks you advance with Ocinator, the more your body will crave food in the Ocinator food guide; eating healthily helps your muscles grow, and helps you feel more fresh and alive. Following the eating guide will help you feel and see your amazing body take better shape.

No. Any grocery store will have the healthy choices we suggest. Ocinator believes in making the program as natural and convenient as possible, so you can have most of the healthy choices you have now. Our mix & match meal guide and restaurant guide make meals easy.

A Stanford engineer and his team.

After trying many types of equipment and arduous exercise routines, we developed a natural and smart way to engage our bodies in exercise. We found that busy people, to work out consistently, need a workout program that aims for results, not exhaustion. Ocinator movements optimize each intended muscle group to achieve great-looking results.

How much is your health, fitness and more positive outlook on life worth? You are worth it. Try Ocinator for as low as $12.00 a month with our yearly plan. If you prefer one month at a time, $19.99 a month will do it.

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We strongly recommend that you make a long-term commitment to your wellness, and choose the Ocinator Yearly Membership Plan.

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For more detailed information, click here to read a Q&A with the creator of Ocinator.