Discipline. Health. Growth.

Make completing Today’s Ocinator Workout Video a non-negotiable.
Even if you’re about to go to sleep,
just press play and complete today’s workout if you haven’t already.

The Ocinator 90 Video Program
gradually increases the workout video times
from about 4 minutes each day in Week 1
to 20 minutes each day Weeks 12 and 13.

Below is what you could be working up to: Day 89 of our 90-day program.


Squeeze means tighten/flex.

The more you squeeze your muscles, the more defined they will become.
Heavy weight is not necessary.

Focus on squeezing your muscles, pretending you are lifting a very heavy weight,
while maintaining proper form.

Ocinator Bag Suggested Weight:

Men: 15-25 lb
Women: 5-10 lb

Be Consistent!

Just press play and follow along.

Other Notes

Questions? Email us at info@ocinator.com.

*Don’t hurt yourself. Listen to your body. Do not increase weight if you feel you might hurt yourself. Be cautious and maintain proper form. Start out with little weight. Then, as the days and weeks pass, you may feel comfortable adding a little more weight, one day at a time.