Our Story

Slide Fitness and nutrition program designed on Stanford's campus
by a product engineer searching for a better way to stay fit

Consistent Results

Busy people need workouts that help them stay fit without requiring too much time or energy. That's what sets Ocinator apart. Our priority is helping you stay fit with as little effort on your part as possible.

Slide Research and Testing The need: Stanford students and busy adults need a realistic way
to stay fit amid busy and tiring schedules

Home Workout Videos

Ocinator workout videos can be followed at home, in an office space, or in a hotel. If you would like to add weight, all you really need is a backpack with some books, water bottles, or other form of weight.

Slide Research and Testing The solution: A structured program with short, easy, and effective exercises
that adults can do, even after a hard day's work


We don't believe in fad diets. The top doctors and health experts believe that healthy eating consists of a diet with healthy protein, whole grains, and plenty of greens. We'll show you how to stay healthy without the pain of eating too little.

Slide The Program 20 Minute Monthly and Quarterly Full-Body 3 Minute Cardio 4 Minute Abs Home & Restaurant Free Eating Guides Workout Videos Workout Videos Workout Videos Yearly Messaging Reading Materials Phone Calls Coaching: Online Access: Limited Access Limited Access Limited Access

Advisory Team

Here are some of the people who help us improve Ocinator for you

Ashley Kaiser

Ashley Kaiser

Brand Communications Consultant
Ashley Kaiser, LLC