"I have engaged in fitness training for over 7 years. After completing several months of the Ocinator program, I finally have the six pack that I have always desired. Not to mention, I feel so good that I don't see myself stopping anytime soon." Nolan, 23, Canyon Country, CA

"Ocinator is the perfect mix of cardio and core to get me jump started in the morning. It also gets me ready for any heavy workout the next day, like running or biking, because not only is there no soreness, I have more energy!" Carlos, 48, Silver Spring, MD

"Ocinator is quick and easy to follow, but it really works. I could feel and see the results of my 20-minute a day workout." Adrienne

"I enjoy Ocinator because it allows me to keep active in my busy life. I find the exercises fresh and helpful. The instructions are easy to follow and I love that I can play my own music during the workout!" David, 23, Stanford, CA

“I am 44 years old. This Christmas I ate too many sweets and put on weight. I started Ocinator daily and eat healthy. I have gained ab muscle definition. Thanks Ocinator!” Emmanuel, 44, Stanford , CA

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Just Press Play. Follow Today's Workout. Muscle-sculpting. Non-exhausting.

Fitness program researched, designed, and tested by an engineer from one of the top universities in the world.

The Ocinator Program sculpts toned and lean muscles, helps you lose weight, and minimizes workout pain. We want you to enjoy exercising, knowing that you’re completing a program that works, and not worry about pain or exhaustion. The Ocinator program minimizes pain, repetitions, and training time to get you your dream body. Follow today's workout video at home, in your hotel room, office, or even outdoors.

Eat healthy food and lose weight without counting calories.

Get access to The Ocinator Food Guide and Restaurant Survival Guide. Simple recipes, grocery list, exactly how to order at restaurants. Stay healthy at home and when traveling.

There’s no need to eliminate carbs, starve yourself, avoid good proteins, have a rigorous meal plan, or count calories. You can have the strength, energy, and mental sharpness provided by delicious healthy food and be fit! The latest medical research shows that losing weight is as simple as not eating products with added sugar and refined grain. We also need lots of vegetables. It’s common sense that a calorie is not just a calorie. We should be eating lots of good calories and few bad calories! For example, eating 500 calories of vegetables is much healthier than eating 100 calories of a donut. Stay healthy all year!

A graduate of Stanford University designed Ocinator to help working professionals stay fit all year. Get access to full-body workouts and food guides. And stay healthy all year.

So, how is Ocinator different? Follow each day’s 20 minute video workout anywhere. At home, in your hotel room, or even outdoors. Workouts require minimal equipment that you can make at home. In contrast to other fitness programs, Ocinator helps you get energy after each full-body workout. Also, our food guides help you stay healthy at home and restaurants. As a result, Ocinator helps you eat healthy always. Learn more FAQs.

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