Our Story

More pain does not equal better results. Ocinator is the best fitness program for busy, working professionals. It was created by a Stanford graduate, who used Design Thinking to create a scientific program that gets results without the torture. Think the opposite of CrossFit and high intensity workouts. With Ocinator, get results and keep them. We prioritize consistent exercise and consistent results.

What You’ll Need

To complete each day’s 20 minute online workout video, all you will need is a backpack you can fill with books, water bottles, etc. Ocinator features only the best exercises that can be done at home, outdoors, or even in a hotel room. Again, we value consistent and effective exercise.

If you desire, you may purchase an Ocinator waterproof weight bag, which can be filled with up to about 40lbs. of sand.

Does Ocinator Work?

Yes. Muscles grow when rebuilding from micro-tears caused by overload. Adding more weight over time while maintaining proper form helps muscles grow. It’s not about fad workouts, muscle confusion, or exercise variety. It’s about staying consistent. Ocinator is the best structured routine for busy, working people.

What Does a Subscription Get Me?

All Ocinator subscriptions give online access to each day’s 20 minute workout video and various short cardio workout videos. Also, Ocinator gives online access to The Ocinator Food Guide and Restaurant Survival Guide. These books shows how to lose weight and eat healthy food at home and restaurants without counting calories, fasting, or eliminating carbs.

Ocinator is not a quick-fix program; it is a journey designed to keep adults fit and healthy for a lifetime. A program that only requires healthy eating and 20 minutes/day of non-exhausting exercise from home, with make-it-yourself inexpensive equipment, Ocinator shows you exactly how to sculpt an athletic and toned physique for a lifetime.

Only you can decide to maintain fitness for a lifetime. Ocinator is here to make the journey simple.

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The Research Behind Ocinator

Our research involved individual trials with adults and Stanford students. We applied Design Thinking to perfect the program.

We realized that, for many busy adults, high intensity workouts are not a realistic approach to maintaining physical fitness; exhaustion and post-workout soreness discourage consistent exercise. Consistency is one of the most important factors in maintaining physical fitness. Therefore, we set out to design a program to make exercising consistently feasible and effective for busy adults.

Then, we researched and tested training methods that would produce results while minimizing soreness and exhaustion. We were surprised to find that these new training methods were more effective than the high intensity methods we tested. We found that our new training methods emphasized quality of exercise; participants, instead of focusing on finishing the workout, now had the energy to focus on sculpting their muscles into shape.

In summary, our research revolved around a user-centered mindset. Our trials began with exhausting exercises that did not sculpt muscles into shape as effectively as possible. Over time, the program evolved into a realistic-to-perform-consistently program which sculpts muscles more effectively than any other training methods we tested. We are very pleased that our Design Thinking approach caused Ocinator to become so effective. We hope you will join us on the Ocinator journey.

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