Stay Consistent

For busy people, exercising consistently is the biggest challenge. Think about it: how many times have you worked out recently? If the answer is only one or two times a week, Ocinator is for you. The Ocinator program was made specifically for busy people. Ocinator was researched, designed, and tested on Stanford's campus by an engineer searching for a better way to stay fit.

What we offer

Ocinator offers online access to daily workout videos, 3-20 minutes long, and food/nutrition guidance. Members also receive special access to ask specific fitness questions via messaging or phone calls.

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A Day

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Lose Weight the Healthy Way.

Get access to The Ocinator Food Guide and Restaurant Survival Guide. Simple recipes, grocery list, exactly how to order at restaurants. Stay healthy at home and when traveling.

There’s no need to eliminate carbs, starve yourself, avoid good proteins, have a rigorous meal plan, or count calories. Stay healthy all year!

A graduate of Stanford University designed Ocinator to help working professionals stay fit all year. Get access to full-body workouts and food guides. And stay healthy all year.

So, how is Ocinator different? Follow each day’s 20 minute video workout anywhere. At home, in your hotel room, or even outdoors. Workouts require minimal equipment that you can make at home. In contrast to other fitness programs, Ocinator helps you get energy after each full-body workout. Also, our food guides help you stay healthy at home and restaurants. As a result, Ocinator helps you eat healthy always. Learn more FAQs.