Cheat Meals Are For Painful Diets

Workout for Men: Consistent Exercise
February 9, 2020
How To Lose Weight: Calories
February 26, 2020
Workout for Men: Consistent Exercise
February 9, 2020
How To Lose Weight: Calories
February 26, 2020

Cheat Meals Are For Painful Diets

Cheat Meals Are For Painful Diets

Loving your body means doing what’s best for it.

Junk food makes the body feel terrible.

If eating junk food is a normal activity, your body might not be able to tell how bad junk food makes it feel.

The more healthy food you eat, and the less junk food, the more your body will be able to tell: junk food makes you feel like junk.

Quality food makes the body feel feeling fresher, sharper, and more energetic. Junk food makes bodies feel cranky, slow, clogged, heavy, and lazy.(1-7) More info here.

Then why do some workout programs promote cheat meals?

Because their diet plans are too painful. Many of these programs promote calorie limits, tiny meals, little to no carbs, and more.

Cheat meals are motivation for putting up with painful diets.

The best way to feel healthy: eat lots of quality food. Get full.

No tiny meals, carb limits, and other painful diet requirements. They are counterproductive.

Plus, the more you only eat quality food, the more delicious it tastes. In fact, the eating products without a ton of sugar increases sweet taste intensity after a few months.(8)

If you only eat quality food, your body will look quality. If you need junk food, your diet is probably too painful.

Pain doesn’t make you feel great. Eating quality food should make you feel great.

Of course, the transition to eating only quality food can be tough. Especially if you are used to eating junk food.

But the transition is a matter of time. A matter of slowly eliminating the junk from your life.

Chip away at junk food. Over time. Months, even years.

And you will be chipping away at feeling like junk.

Eat junk for 5 minutes a day, feel like junk 23 hours 55 minutes a day.

Eat like a genius would: Eat quality, look quality.

If you want to feel fantastic, eat like we eat. Follow the Ocinator Food Guide. It’s included in our plans. Get full. Eat lots of quality food. Learn recipes to make at home. Know what to order at restaurants.

Ocinator: The Genius Fitness Program.


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