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March 19, 2020
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How To Lose Weight: Intermittent Fasting?

How To Lose Weight: Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a scam. If someone tells you to not eat for weight loss, or to eat less food, run. They are either scammers or do not know any better. Intermittent fasting could help with fat loss. But it is terrible for your body. Will intermittent fasting help you lose weight? Sure. But so will counting calories. And starvation. Does that mean you should do them? Of course not.

The latest scam diet trend: tell people to not eat for hours. This is called “intermittent fasting”. Withholding food from your body is torture. Even eating less carbs will increase crankiness, hostility, and depression. And decrease mental sharpness.(1-2) Now imagine the effects not only withholding carbs, but also all other food.

Without food, how are you supposed be yourself with your family and do your best work? It is very difficult to perform when your energy and mental levels are low. Intermittent fasting can ruin relationships and work performance. Your body needs fuel to perform. Fasting takes away that fuel from your body, so fasting is not smart.

Scammers say intermittent fasting decreases the risk of cancer and heart disease. But this decreased risk could be due to disciplined eating habits in general, not necessarily intermittent fasting.(3) And worse, intermittent fasting could lead to binge eating, low blood sugar and dizziness, and even obesity.

In addition, scammers fail to mention that intermittent fasting causes your body to burn fat, but also muscle. Your body needs lots of healthy food to fuel your brain throughout the day.

How to lose weight:

So, what’s the best way to lose fat? Eat only quality food. Get rid of junk. What’s quality food? What’s junk? What should I eat at home and at restaurants? All these questions are answered in the Ocinator Food Guide. We tell you what to eat. And we encourage you to get full. We want you to thrive. Not feel terrible.

Do not follow intermittent fasting because you heard some Hollywood actor does it. For one, many actors think their required diets are torture. Actors get paid to spend hours a day working out and doing torturous diets. These workouts and diets are short-term, and many actors feel miserable doing them. Also, many do not realize how harmful intermittent fasting is.

Be wary of scam diets like intermittent fasting. They are trendy, but counterproductive overall. How to lose weight: Eat to be your best, by eating lots of healthy food, while getting rid of junk food. Eat to be the best version of yourself. Join Ocinator today.

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