Middle-Aged Adults In More Physical Pain Than Elderly Adults

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September 30, 2020
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Middle-Aged Adults In More Physical Pain Than Elderly Adults

As the body ages, physical pain is expected. However, a recent study shows that middle-aged adults are experiencing more physical pain than elderly adults.


As currently middle-aged adults grow older, their physical pain will most likely increase. Researchers observe that increased pain will impact healthcare; more pain would most likely mean a greater need for medical care.

However, the study did not pinpoint specific causes for the increased pain of middle-aged adults. So, what are some potential causes?

Key Point

Increased pain most likely means more medical needs.


Perhaps extreme exercise programs and methods partly hold the blame. Many adults exercise like wild animals these days.

This could explain why more educated middle-aged adults experience less physical pain than those with less education. More knowledgeable adults would avoid dangerous workouts. They might predict injury as an outcome of extreme exercise. Consequently, they would opt for safer exercise methods and avoid injury.