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February 1, 2020
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Muscle Confusion Is A Myth

Muscle confusion is a myth. Muscles do not need to be “confused” to grow. While some variety among exercises helps target different parts of the muscle, variety is not necessary to grow any particular muscle.

Muscles grow because working a muscle during exercise causes micro-tears on the muscle. Muscles grow when these micro-tears rebuild to accommodate the overload. A common way to visualize this process is scar formation after skin gets cut.

To get more muscle mass, simply add more weight.

You do not need to switch up your workout routine to build more muscle. As mentioned above, muscle micro tears occur when muscles are overloaded. So you see, muscles growth has nothing to do with “confusion” of muscles. Muscle growth allows the body to adapt and handle more weight. To grow a muscle, simply add more weight. This will overload the muscle, cause micro-tears on the muscle, and make the muscle grow over time.

Satisfied with your muscle mass? Here’s how to keep your results.

To maintain muscle mass, keep weight consistent. If your muscle is consistently able to handle a certain weight, it should consistently look the same.

Much of this seems obvious. However, some people that believe muscle confusion and extreme workout variety is only way to build muscle. Many people hear terms like “muscle confusion” and believe them because these terms are trendy.

Workouts need not be overcomplicated. In fact, the best workouts are simple. They allow you to master exercises and maintain muscle mass while keeping workout pain to a minimum. Mastering a few exercises is preferable to performing a bunch of different exercises with improper form. On the other hand, muscle confusion puts an emphasis on variety of workout instead of quality of each repetition.

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