Workout for Men and Women: The Tortoise and the Hare

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December 14, 2019
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Workout for Men and Women: The Tortoise and the Hare

Workout for Men and Women: The Tortoise and the Hare

Maintaining fitness for years requires consistent exercise and healthy eating habits. However, this is a difficult task for many. Obesity affects 40% of the U.S. What is the solution? It is time to think about a “slow and steady” approach to staying fit for a lifetime. A realistic approach with minimal workout time and pain that busy adults can maintain for years. Consistently maintaining fitness helps us be happier, have more energy, decrease anxiety, anger, and depression.

If we are consistently fit, we are on track to “winning the race” of achieving a happy and healthy life.

The tortoise and the hare is a useful analogy to explain the effectiveness of Ocinator. We need an eating and workout program that gets and keeps us fit “slowly but surely.” In this analogy, the tortoise represents Ocinator. While the tortoise exerts only a small steady effort, the tortoise is consistent. Each small movement adds up. And by the end of the race, the tortoise has won.

Ocinator was designed to be an effective long-term program. A program that does not focus on sweat and exhaustion or starvation diets. Each Ocinator daily workout is a small step that adds up toward a fantastic body in the long run. Ocinator was designed to minimize workout pain, and workouts are only 20-minutes long. Also, the Ocinator eating recommendations show how to eat healthy food at home and restaurants. We can be fit by eliminating junk food and eating lots of healthy food.

Ocinator is especially useful for busy folks. For people who do not have energy to endure exhausting workouts each day.

And the hare? The hare represents the hard and exhausting workouts. The workouts that target sweat and pain and involve abrupt movements. Also, going to the gym and lifting heavy weights. These workouts are not ideal for hard-working people. Why? They require too much energy. Their goal is to make people so tired and sore, that they “feel the pain.” And busy folks need all the energy they can spare to work and take care of themselves and their families.

However, the hard “hare” workouts don not help people get long-term results. People who perform these workouts often quit within a few weeks or months of starting. Or, they go to the gym inconsistently. They are too tired to keep a consistent workout schedule. Also, many people stop going to the gym after they get married.

Inconsistent exercise is the most probable outcome of the “hare” workouts.

If your goal is to finish the race of staying fit for decades, ideally until the end of life, you should pick the path of the tortoise. The wise path. Take the small steps that you might not notice are making a difference yet set you up for victory in the long-run. Choose Ocinator if you want to make fitness a reality. Each daily workout and simple eating choice are small steps that help get long-term fitness results. Join Ocinator today!