Does Exercise Lead To Aging And Injury For Older Adults?

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February 26, 2020
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March 19, 2020

Does Exercise Lead To Aging And Injury For Older Adults?

Does Exercise Lead To Aging And Injury For Older Adults?

It’s a myth that exercise can increase aging and injury for older adults. Of course, some exercises have a higher risk of injury than others. Regardless of age.

However, exercise can actually help older adults. It can reverse age-related muscle cell deterioration for older adults, as a study by Mayo Clinic found.(1)

According to the study, high intensity interval training was more effective than resistance and combined training. Resistance training also enhanced proteins.

However, as discussed in our article about vigorous exercise, high intensity interval training can be dangerous. It could lead to macular degeneration in men. And knee or back pain for both men and women. It is important to train with caution.

Ocinator Workouts feature interval training, as the study recommends. But not dangerous high intensity interval training. Instead, the Ocinator interval training focuses on sculpting muscles into shape.

Ocinator features exercises with controlled movements.

Intensity of each exercise can be low if light or no weight is used. Intensity can be higher if heavy weight is used.

Ocinator can produce results regardless of age, strength, or experience.

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