Anxiety, Neurochemicals, and Exercise (Workout for Women)

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April 6, 2020
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Anxiety, Neurochemicals, and Exercise (Workout for Women)

Millions of adults in the US have anxiety disorders, yet do not seek treatment. In fact, anxiety disorders affect 40 million US adults, making anxiety disorders the most common mental illness in the US. However, only 36.9% of those 40 million adults receive treatment. Many people think of managing anxiety with mental and spiritual health remedies. But studies reveal that bodily exercise could also help.

Some researchers think that resistance training could improve neurochemical levels that influence mood. A study titled “Effects of Exercise on Sleep Among Young Women With Generalized Anxiety Disorder” helps imply, resistance training could improve quality of sleep, which in turn helps improve anxiety levels. Resistance training could also help decrease anxiety. For example, some people fear an elevated heart rate could lead to, or mean that they are about to experience, a heart attack. Resistance training often involves short exposure to an increased heartrate, followed by a rest period. By exposing the body to an increased heartrate, followed by a break, the body could get accustomed to experiencing elevated heart rate. Without anxiety.

The right workout for women, who are often busy working, could help women not only look physically fit, but also feel mentally fit by decreasing anxiety.

Ocinator includes resistance training that involves short exposure to an elevated heart rate. Without employing classically exhausting exercises. The Ocinator daily workouts target the appropriate resistance training described in the studies above. In addition, Ocinator is also a great workout for women because workouts often leave members feeling more energized than when they began the workouts. Many workout programs, which aim to “whip” users into shape. They use with exhausting high-intensity exercises which could cause permanent injury. Unlike those programs, Ocinator workouts focus on squeezing muscles into shape through controlled movements. Movements that do not aim to leave Ocinator members breathless.

Ocinator advocates the “less pain, longer-lasting gain” mentality. Ocinator workouts allow women to train their muscles and feel great. They help women have more energy to tackle tasks at home and at work. For these reasons, Ocinator is a great tool for women seeking to decrease anxiety. Join Ocinator today, and help yourself decrease anxiety by increasing your physical fitness!