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Lose Belly Fat: Feel-Good Food

Feel-good food might call to mind images of junk food. However, food should also make you feel good after you finish eating it. Junk food may feel good while you are eating it, but makes you feel sluggish afterward. The best eating experiences help you feel fantastic both during and after meals.

Junk food has overwhelming tastes. It is loaded with sugar and/or saturated fat. The taste of junk food is so overpowering, that taste buds often become less sensitive to sugar. In fact, studies show that the less sugar consumed, the more sensitive taste buds become to the taste of sugar.

This is great news. It means that the healthier you eat, the sweeter food will taste. People who eat exclusively healthy food may experience fruits like apples as tasting super sweet. So, the healthier you eat, the more you will want to keep eating healthy food.

Eating junk food makes the body feel sluggish.

Healthy eaters especially notice the contrast between eating junk food and healthy food. After a few weeks or months of eating only healthy food, eating ice cream or a slice of cake may cause healthy eaters to feel like vomiting. This is because, once the body gets accustomed to eating healthy food, it is more likely to recognize junk food as junk. And once that junk food is identified, the body might want to expel it.

People who frequently eat junk food might think this sounds ridiculous. On the other hand, studies show that the body adjusts taste sensitivity. Therefore, the food you eat makes a significant impact on how your body functions.

If you want to feel fresh, mentally sharper, and happier, get rid of junk food.

Junk food may overwhelm your taste buds while you eat it. But people who do not consume junk food feel much more alert and alive. Overcoming the temptation to eat junk food is worth it. Eating junk food only lasts a few minutes, but it makes your body feel sluggish for hours. Eat healthy food, and make your body feel better for hours a day.

In conclusion, eating healthy food makes the body feel better all day long. Feel-good food is really healthy food, not junk food. Get rid of junk food, and your body will most likely develop more taste sensitivity to sweetness. The transition is tough, but getting good things usually requires effort. Work through the transition to eating healthy food. Join Ocinator, and receive access to the Ocinator Food Guide, which will help you along your journey.