Workout for Men and Women: Neuroscience and Happiness

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April 12, 2019
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April 25, 2019

Workout for Men and Women: Neuroscience and Happiness

Neuroscience indicates that out of the seven main human instincts (fear, panic, maternal car, anger, pleasure, and seeking), seeking could be the most powerful. We are always longing for something that will make us happy.

Here’s how two chemicals, dopamine and endorphins, help us seek and attain happiness through workouts.

Dopamine is a chemical related to anticipation. Clearly, when we are seeking, we are also anticipating the thing we are seeking. And endorphins, which are released to push us through difficult tasks. When we are seeking, we often go through challenges that require us to push ourselves. In turn, endorphins are released.

Interestingly, exercise is also about seeking. Seeking the feeling of accomplishment an, health, overcoming a challenge, and perhaps a lean body. While athletic performance is an exercise goal for some people, most adults are not professional athletes. Most adults primarily want to feel and look healthy.

Neuroscience helps us understand how we should work out to maintain happiness.

Exercising consistently helps fulfill our powerful human instinct to seek. When we exercise consistently, we demonstrate that we seek a great body. And we prove that we care strongly enough about seeking our goal by investing time and energy every day to attain it.

So, when we choose a plan to work out, we should choose a plan that will actually allow us to exercise every day. This will help us be happy every day. Exercise programs should be challenging to trigger endorphins. However, they should not be too difficult. We do not look forward to difficult exercise when it is too difficult. Especially after a hard day of work.

We are more likely to look forward to short workouts without too much pain.

For these reasons, Ocinator is the ideal workout to get and maintain long-term happiness. Ocinator makes seeking an athletic and toned body a realistic goal for adults. A goal that can also trigger dopamine and endorphin release in the process. Ocinator workouts are challenging enough to build muscle, yet do not require too much time, sweat, and energy. 

If you want to turn your dream of seeking and getting a healthy mind and body into a reality, choose Ocinator. With Ocinator, health and happiness go hand in hand.