Lose Belly Fat: Eat Lots of Good Calories

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April 16, 2019
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Lose Belly Fat: Eat Lots of Good Calories

Eating lots of good calories could increase weight loss.

One of the most common misconceptions about healthy eating: it’s all about quantity of calories. We often hear that eating too many calories is bad. You might see someone eating one serving of fries for lunch without eating anything else. And they think that’s healthy. Why? Because one serving of fries does not have too many calories. However, fries are soaked in oil. They are a classic junk food. It’s also not healthy for your body and brain to run on so little fuel. Eating too little can cause decreased mental sharpness, decreased productivity, and a bad mood.

Why is obesity in the US higher than ever? Partly because of flawed eating mentalities. Many people in the U.S. think they know how to eat healthily. They have read health articles and watched informational videos. However, these articles and videos often prioritize rapid weight loss over actually being healthy. Calories are just calories, not good calories or bad calories.

So, why do some people believe that eating few calories is healthy? Because eating less calories helps people lose weight. But eating too few calories could starve the body.

Starvation helps causes the body to lose fat, but it is not healthy.

Decreased mental sharpness, a bad mood, and constantly feeling tired are not signs of health. On the contrary. They are signs that your body is not receiving the nutrients it needs. Being skinny does not necessarily indicate health. It could just signal that your body is weak.

What’s the solution? Eat lots of good calories.

Yes, eating lots of good calories is healthy! Being healthy is about the quality of the food you eat. Not the quantity. Eating 1000 calories of fruit and vegetables is much better for your health than eating 200 calories of fries.

The obsession about quantity of calories eaten is misplaced. Our primary concern should be eating enough high quality calories, while minimizing unhealthy calories. That’s exactly what Ocinator promotes. We want you to be both fit and healthy.