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Workout for Men and Women: Knee Pain

Some workouts target rapid results. However, many of these quick-fix programs include risky abrupt exercises, like jumping, that could cause knee pain and injury. Getting quick results is not worth permanent knee, or other physical, damage. When choosing a workout program, think about how the exercises you perform will affect your body long-term.

It is a common misconception that any exercise at all could worsen knee pain. On the contrary, some exercises could actually improve cartilage joints. The question is which exercises are good for joints, and which cause harm.

Jumping could be one of the worst exercises for knee pain. The impact forces form jumping can be two to five times a person’s body weight. And the more tired you get exercising, the easier it is to lose good form. Jumping with bad form could lead to chronic and acute knee injury. So, jumping for cardio is a bad idea.

Avoid workout programs that encourage jumping.

Programs that entail high-repetition jumping exercises could speed up the arthritic process for adults of all ages. While younger adults may not immediately feel the pain jumping leads to, they could be slowly damaging their knees.

Plyometrics, which is exercise involving maximum-effort jumping, is common among professional athletes. However, these athletes train very carefully and receive constant medical supervision. Even still, they are at risk of permanent knee damage.

In fact, sports physiotherapists often use jumping to evaluate knee pain for recovering athletes. If athletes cannot take the knee pain that the impact of jumping involves, they probably are not ready to return to competition. Avoiding such an impact on the knees is useful for adults who would like to stay fit while avoiding knee pain.

Jumping up and down to burn calories is not worth permanent knee damage. Choose a workout program that helps strengthen your body, not damage it.

Which exercises strengthen your knees and help combat knee pain?

Low-impact, focused, and targeted exercises. These exercises allow the body to concentrate on building muscle rather than bearing the harsh impact of jumping. Medical experts recommend squats to help strengthen the knees. Squats could promote a healthy bending of the knee. After all, bending is main function of the knee. Slow and controlled squatting helps your legs become stronger without the risks jumping entails.

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