Novak Djokovic Diet Tips

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Novak Djokovic Diet Tips

Novak Djokovic is one of the best athletes and fittest men on the planet. He has won 17 Grand Slam singles titles to date, the third-most in male tennis history. He has been recorded with a top sprinting speed of 36.02kph (22.38mph), while his first serve speed averages around 193 kph (120 mph).

Djokovic’s Diet

After experiencing difficulty breathing, feeling drained of energy, and vomiting during tennis matches, Djokovic received medical attention.

His blood tests revealed strong intolerance to wheat and dairy, and switching to a gluten and dairy free diet resolved his health issues. His diet also cuts out sugary products. He eats vegetables, fish, white meat, fruit, nuts, beans, seeds, chickpeas, lentils, and healthy oils.

Key Point

Listen to your body, not your taste buds. Eat what helps you feel healthy and perform better.

Meals Per Day

As an elite athlete, Djokovic values fueling his body with enough food.

1. Breakfast

2. Mid-Morning Snack

3. Lunch

4. Mid-Afternoon Snack

5. Dinner

Key Point

Eating many meals throughout the day can be healthy, as long as you’re consuming healthy food.

Djokovic’s Eating Tips (from his book Serve to Win):

1. Drink Water First Thing In the Morning

“The first thing I do out of bed is drink a tall glass of room temperature water.”

“Water is a critical part of the body’s repair process.”

“I’ve just gone eight hours without water, and my body needs hydration to start functioning at its peak.”

2. Eat Natural Sources of Sugar and Avoid Processed Sugar

Djokovic enjoys food with natural sugar, such as manuka honey and fruits. He acknowledges that the body needs sugar, and consumes healthy all-natural sources of sugar. On the other hand, he avoids unhealthy processed sugar found in candy, soda, and most energy drinks.

Processed sugar gives Djokovic a “Wow!” sensation. He says, “I don’t like ’wow.’ ‘Wow’ is no good. If you have ‘wow’ now, that means in thirty minutes you’re going to have ‘woe.’”

3. Eat a Carb-Heavy Lunch

Djokovic especially enjoys gluten free pasta with lots of vegetables. He combines the vegetables with some olive oil and a bit of salt.

On match days, he adds protein to his lunch.

4. Eat a Protein-Centered Dinner

Djokovic eats organic chicken, steak, salmon with steamed vegetables on the side.

“The closer a food is to nature, the more nutritious it is.”

Key Point

Make sure you’re eating a balance of healthy organic foods while staying hydrated and avoiding processed sugar.